October 23, 2017

Every Stage of Life

October 23, 2017


Romans 12:9-21

This week’s sermon text: Romans 13:1-7


As a pastor in the Adult Discipleship department at BUMC, I have been asking people what spiritual practices (or Wesley calls them “spiritual disciplines”) have helped them to grow deeper in their faith. Spiritual practices like prayer, Bible study, and serving others often come up. This past week, I was teaching one of our older Sunday school classes. When I asked about their spiritual disciplines, many of them told stories that, though it was physically difficult for them to spend the night at Room in the Inn or build a Habitat House, they were still always looking for ways to care for each other and their neighbors in other ways. When they served others, they always received more than they could give. I noticed their class announcements revolved around calling homebound classmates that seemed lonely or sending cards to people they knew in the hospital. How great it was to hear them reflect that though life was changing, they were still finding ways to serve God and the people around them!


  • How can you purposefully serve others in your current stage of life?
  • Name a way that someone has served you that has helped you feel and know the love of Christ more fully.


  • We can serve God and others no matter our age! What is something you can do to serve someone around you?


Lord, bless the times that we are serving others. May the people we serve know who You are because we are sharing Your love with them. Amen.