October 24, 2017

Living with a Humble Heart

October 24, 2017


Romans 12:3

This week’s sermon text: Romans 13:1-7


It is so easy for me to get a little full of myself when I’m good about serving at missions events, caring for my colleagues, and checking in with my friends to make sure they are doing okay. It becomes so easy for me to pat myself on the back and get a bit of a big head about how great I am. This verse in Romans is amid verses on becoming a “living sacrifice” for Christ as a form of worship (Romans 12:1). We sacrifice for others because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We serve others not because it makes us feel good or because it makes us look good in the eyes of others. We serve others because God serves us. Christ is the ultimate measure of faith. We need to humble our hearts and minds and remember how much greater Christ is than we are. We are most certainly still worthy in God’s eyes! But we are always called to more and called not to look highly upon ourselves and down on others.


  • How have you been living humbly?
  • How have you been proud in a way that is harmful to others?


  • What does it mean to live humbly?
  • What does it look like to live humbly?


Lord where my pride gets in the way, humble me. When I begin to think of myself as better than others, remind me that You love all of us. May my service of others and the Church not be about myself and my own gratification, but about glorifying you. Amen.