October 26, 2017

Measuring Our Faith

October 26, 2017


1 John 4:16

This week’s sermon text: Romans 13:1-7


“God is love; and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.” This week, Davis asked us in his sermon, “How might you measure a person’s faith?” To measure a person’s height, you would use a yardstick or tape measure. To measure a mile, we might use an odometer. But how can we measure our own faiths? This verse from 1 John sets the measure of love. If our actions, our intentions, our motivations, and our words are not from a place of love, we need to prayerfully ponder how our faith is measuring up. When we catch ourselves speaking a harsh word to a family member or ignoring the homeless woman on the side of the street, we have to remember our call to love like Christ.


  • Where in your life are your motivations, actions, and words not coming from a place of love?
  • How can you show love to someone in your life today? Maybe someone you haven’t talked to in a while?
  • Where do you feel like your faith life could use some attention?


  • What does it mean to live a life of love?
  • How do you show God’s love?


God, help me identify the areas where I need to grow deeper in my faith. Help me to admit where I am weak and open myself to your Spirit who will make me strong in You. Amen.