February 9, 2018

One True God

February 9, 2018


Psalm 50:1-6

1 Kings 14:1-18

1 Timothy 1:12-20

This weekend’s reading: Daniel 6:10-24

Oftentimes, my mind and activity each day and week are consumed with work, family needs, and my own need to rest. While none of these are inherently bad ways to spend my time, I often find that I prioritize my own needs and desires far and above considering God’s. I get in the groove of getting things done and then realize I have never paused (not even for a Sabbath) to refocus on God. The passages today speak prominently of following the one true God. Paul encourages Timothy to focus on Christ. The Hebrew Kings are being judged of their solemn commitment to YWH alone. This causes me to pause and reflect on how I solemnly worship our Triune God. If someone else was looking at my life without knowing me at all, would they say my days are ruled by Christ or by the needs of the world?


  • How can your life be more about God?
  • How can you show Christ’s love each and every day?


  • If someone else was looking at your life without knowing you at all, would they say your days are ruled by Christ or by the needs of the world?
  • Why did you give the answer you gave for number one?
  • If you see the need for change in your life, what would you change?

God, move in my heart, soul and schedule that you might become the priority of my life. Let me not place the needs of work or my to-do list above who You are. Instead, teach me how each and every moment of my day can be about glorifying you. Amen.