February 10, 2018

May Peace Reign

February 10, 2018


Psalm 50:1-6

1 Kings 16:1-7

Luke 19:41-44

This weekend’s reading: Daniel 6:10-24

This morning I glanced through some headlines in the news. Far too many of them spoke of war, violence, and genocide. Many of the headlines were minor headlines, yet the stories recounted the killing of hundreds of Muslims in Myanmar, talked of the continued devastation in Syria, and suicide bombings in Nigeria. Unfortunately, these were just a few of the many headlines about death. In this passage in Luke, Jesus has just made his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and as he looks around, he is moved to tears. In the midst of his weeping, he says, “If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace!” I am sure Jesus would have a similar reaction to our world today even here in the United States. Why are we often so quick to move to violent words or actions or fail to speak out against them when Jesus calls for peace? I can find myself almost totally overwhelmed with all of the headlines, weeping like Jesus did over the death-dealing evil of the world. However, I do find comfort in that Jesus cares so much as to weep for us. God wants something better for us. In the end, Jesus isn’t calling us to remain in our comfort zones but calls us to respond with messages and actions of peace.


  • What is your response when you hear about war and violence in the news?
  • If you feel like you skim by, how could you pray or be about making and embodying peace in our world?


  • What kind of things do you hear about in the news?
  • When you hear about war or violence, how do you feel?
  • How do you think God calls us to respond to violence?

Prince of Peace, Mighty God, we pray for peace in our world. Where there is violence and division, bring reconciliation and unity. Give us creative minds and spirits to address conflict in with Your love and grace. I pray for the people of our church, community, and world that experience violence in all its forms and pray that Your peace may reign in their lives. Lord, make us your peacemakers. Teach us what this means. Amen.