March 10, 2018

Kingdom Love of Christ

March 10, 2018


Isaiah 6:8

This weekend’s reading: Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34

(Student-written poem.)

“GO: It says Go, make disciples of all, for the Father and the Son,
not sit down and hope others will get it done.
God’s Heart is never closed, and you don’t need a warning. His door is always open, unlike Chick Fil-A Sunday mornings.
GO, continue what you’ve done on tour,
go say ‘I love you’ to the ones you adore.
This is only the beginning; I’ve seen it in action,
our time is not up, this was only a fraction.
It doesn’t say sit, and wait to get it done.
Go make, (and meet and be,) disciples for the Father and the Son.”

Today’s Field Guide comes from our Share the Spirit devotional guide. These testimonials are written by students, staff, and volunteers who have participated in one of our youth mission trips or choir tours in the past. They are sharing their experiences and the lessons they learned from God and from each other. We hope the words they share help you grow in your faith. We also hope these words challenge you to grow deeper in your faith by participating in one of these missional opportunities or giving generously so that others can. Sign up to attend Share the Spirit on March 10.