March 9, 2018

God Has Work for Us to Do

March 9, 2018


Isaiah 6:8

This weekend’s reading: Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34

(Written by a volunteer on the 2012 Sonshine Choir Tour.)

On Thursday, July 19, 2012, the Sonshine Choir arrived at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, Illinois, at 9 a.m. After 125 youth and chaperones were processed through the security system and equipment was set up, residents were brought into the room for a concert. At 10 a.m., the choir began singing mostly upbeat songs for the residents and guards. Our students were tentative at first but quickly warmed up as their hearts were filled with the music and the message. After each group of residents was escorted out of the room, the sound crew packed up all the instruments and sound equipment. At this point, the director and several of her staff asked to speak to all of us. She told us about the serious crimes for which the juveniles were being held. One of her staff brought a letter written to our students by one of their students. He said he had no idea how to find Brentwood, Tennessee, but when he got out he wanted to find a place like Brentwood and sing with a group like ours.

At this point, James Wells told the director that we had a gift for them. Since all the equipment had been packed, there was only an old, out-of-tune piano in the room. James led our students in an a cappella version of “God Has Work for Us to Do.” I don’t think there was an adult with a dry eye in the room. See the first few lines of the song below, and I believe you will understand how this song in that place caused grown men to have tears in their eyes.

“Til all the jails are empty and all the bellies filled, til no one hurts or steals or lies and no more blood is spilled . . . God has work for us to do.”

Today’s Field Guide comes from our Share the Spirit devotional guide. These testimonials are written by students, staff, and volunteers who have participated in one of our youth mission trips or choir tours in the past. They are sharing their experiences and the lessons they learned from God and from each other. We hope the words they share help you grow in your faith. We also hope these words challenge you to grow deeper in your faith by participating in one of these missional opportunities or giving generously so that others can. Sign up to attend Share the Spirit on March 10.