April 3, 2018

Spring Time and New Life

April 3, 2018


Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

Genesis 1:20-2:4

1 Corinthians 15:50-58

This weekend’s reading: Luke 24:13-35

God’s power for life begins at the very beginning. In Genesis 1 God gives life to creation. God creates the plants and trees and flowers. God creates the animals in the water, in the sky, and on the land. God creates human beings in God’s own image. All the living things on the earth come from God.  And God called them all good.
Spring is my favorite season because I take great joy in watching the world come back to life. It starts with some flowers like daffodils that begin to poke their green stalks out of the ground and white and yellow flowers bloom. Then the buds on trees begin to appear. Then other bushes, flowers, and trees begin to bring forth their beauty. What just a few weeks ago looked dead, barren, or dormant is suddenly alive again. This new life each spring reminds me of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus dies and all looks dark and dead. But suddenly on Easter morning, Jesus lives! Just like spring breaks forth with signs of new life, Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope for new and abundant life. Thanks to God’s great love for us. Just as God created us in the beginning, God desires for us to have new life in Jesus.


  • What is your favorite season?  
  • How does it remind you of God?


  • Go on a nature walk with your family. Look for signs of new life: plants, flowers, animals, etc.
  • What other ways do you see new life each spring?
  • How can these remind you of resurrection? 

God of the seasons, thank you for springtime. Thank you for the signs of new life that point to your love for creation. Thank you for the signs of new life that remind us of Jesus resurrection. Thank you for the new life that we find because of the risen Jesus! Amen.