September 19, 2018

Where Is Jesus From?

September 19, 2018


Psalm 73:21-28
John 7:25-36
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 18:1-15


The people of Jesus’s day questioned his Messiahship because they had been taught that they would not know where the Messiah came from. But, of course, they knew where Jesus came from: he was from Nazareth. He was the carpenter’s son.
The problem is, they weren’t really listening to what Jesus was teaching them. They were thinking too literally. Jesus was trying to tell them that, in fact, he came from his Father in heaven, but the people simply wouldn’t wrap their minds around it.
This episode from the Gospel reminds us that we must always approach the teachings of Jesus with humility. While we know that Jesus Christ is the true revelation of God for the world, we must also hold in tension the fact that we, as fallible human beings, have a tendency to mishear, misread, and misinterpret.
Knowing about Christ is not the same thing as knowing Christ. We should strive to increase our head knowledge of our faith, for sure, but never at the expense of expanding our heart knowledge.


  • Do you experience faith primarily with your emotions or with your intellect?
  • What experiences lead you to your answer?


  • What does it mean to be humble?
  • How can we develop our humility with each other?


Gracious God, you have given us the greatest knowledge we could ever hope to have—knowledge of salvation through Christ. Increase this knowledge in our hearts and lives so that we can live as your faithful disciples. Amen.