November 19, 2018

The Byproduct of Transformation

November 19, 2018


Luke 19:1-10
This weekend’s reading: Ephesians 1:11-23


Its intriguing to me that the text says, Jesus must go to Zacchaeus’ home. Why MUST he? It’s a must! A missional imperative! Jesus takes some heat for it. Zacchaeus is a sinner, a tax collector, a traitor. In the eyes of the religious crowd, Jesus most definitely should not go to the home of this traitor! If Jesus knows what’s good for him, he will veer away from Zacchaeus. The PR alone is gonna hurt him! But he must go to his house. It’s not simply something he chooses to do. It’s something he has to do!
Nothing is said about their table conversation that day. We are only privy to the response. As a result of Jesus’ friendship with a sinner, the sinner changes. But its not simply a change of heart. It’s a change of lifestyle. Zacchaeus restores all that he has taken, with interest. He makes restitution. His response alters his economy. Salvation comes to his house. This encounter with Jesus not only changes his mind, but it also changes his heart, his life, and his pocketbook. Jesus calls him a son of Abraham. Apparently, when salvation comes into your house, God rearranges everything. Talk about an extreme makeover! Zacchaeus is not the same guy.



  • How has the fact that Jesus has come into your life made you different?
  • What difference does Jesus make in your life, your habits, your lifestyle, your pocketbook, the overall economy of your life?
  • If Jesus was not in your life, would you look different than you do today? How so?


Holy God, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for rearranging my priorities. Help me to live in a way that reflects the difference that you have made in my heart and life. Help me to do what I must for your glory.