November 21, 2018

The Right Thing Is Not Always The Easy Thing

November 21, 2018


Mark 13:9-23
This weekend’s reading: Ephesians 1:11-23


Paul Schneider, a German, evangelical pastor from the 1920’s and 1930’s is considered the first Christian martyr put to death by the Nazis.  He strongly opposed the work of Adolf Hitler.  During a funeral service for a Hitler Youth, he refused to acknowledge the Nazi belief in the heavenly army of Horst Wessel, a deceased Nazi commander. 
Schneider was put in Buchenwald, where he was eventually put to death.  During his time in Buchenwald, he was always speaking about the Good News of Jesus Christ, trying to save whomever he could.  He would look after everyone in his hard labor group.  Eventually he was put into solitary confinement, so that he could no longer preach to the other prisoners and guards.  This didn’t stop him.  He would preach from his small window in his cell to whomever would hear him. 
He was put to death on July 18, 1939. Even though the Gestapo was very much against it, over 200 pastors of the Confessing Church, a Christian opposition group to the Nazis, came to his funeral.  They did this out in the open, willing to pay the price he had just paid for his faithful witness. 


  • Jesus says at some point, we will all be hated for our faith in him.  Have you found this to be true in your life?  What happened?
  • What is God calling to you do that might ruffle some feathers? That might do more than ruffle feathers, but actually, divide you from people you love? Does Jesus call us to these things today?


  • Why is important to do the right thing instead of doing the easy thing? What does this even mean?

Lord, may we follow you. May we follow you when none of our friends will. May we follow you when it may cost us our jobs. May we follow you when it might cost us everything. May we follow you. Amen.