November 27, 2018

We Will Worship!

November 27, 2018


Revelation 11
This weekend’s reading: Jeremiah 33:14-16


Revelation is a bit of a strange book to study, but it has many powerful images in it.  In the eleventh chapter for today’s reading, images of worship fill my mind.  Angels blow trumpets, voices in heaven sing, “elders” fall prostrate before God and sing songs of Thanksgiving to God.  How great and awesome that these “elders,” who are people of great power, who sit on “thrones,” realize the awesomeness of God and humbly and gratefully fall before Him.   As we leave the Thanksgiving season (though obviously not a religious holiday), I am reminded of how profound and important it is to give thanks for God and praise Him in all things.  Worship is a place where we are meant to do this Thanksgiving (The Great Thanksgiving) and praising (songs of praise). True worship is about pouring ourselves out in praise to God. 


  • What is your understanding of worship? 
  • Are you there to be “filled up” or to pour yourself out in praise to God?
  • How can you give thanks to God today?


Holy and awesome God!  You are a mighty and powerful God and we sing praises to you this day.  Thank you for who You are and for your many many blessings in my life.  Amen.