April 2, 2019

To Those Called

April 2, 2019


Romans 1:1-7
Psalm 51
This weekend’s reading: Luke 23:18-24


Paul ends his salutation here with an interesting in phrase:
“To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Called to be saints?  Have you ever felt that you were called to be a saint?  Too often, the word saint gets bogged down by cultural baggage. But this is simply what Paul calls all believers.  We are saints, saved by grace through Jesus, and called to do good works. 
What are you called to do?  What is God asking of you?  As a saint, you are saved through the grace of Jesus.  And whether you understand it or not, you are called to love and serve in His name. 
May you experience the deep fulfillment of embracing His calling in your life.


  • Again, what is God asking of you?
  • What needs do you see in your sphere of influence that you can help meet?


  • What does God want us to do as a family?


Lord, we pray for clarity in understanding the calling you have placed in our lives, whether it simply be acting in love with our next door neighbor, or something more drastic such as planting a church overseas.  You have called each of us to be your saints here on earth in this time, and we pray that we would both understand that calling, and have the courage to follow it.  Amen.