April 11, 2019

A Prayer for Deliverance

April 11, 2019


Psalm 31:9-16
This weekend’s reading: Luke 23:32-43


The psalms are full of raw human emotion. In them we see the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. As we turn to Psalm 31:9-16, we will see deep despair and isolation. Read the psalm through a few times, then read the questions for the field.

Psalm 31
For the music leader. A psalm of David.
Have mercy on me, Lord, because I’m depressed.
    My vision fails because of my grief,
    as do my spirit and my body.
My life is consumed with sadness;
    my years are consumed with groaning.
Strength fails me because of my suffering;
    my bones dry up.
I’m a joke to all my enemies,
    still worse to my neighbors.
    I scare my friends,
    and whoever sees me in the street runs away!
I am forgotten, like I’m dead,
    completely out of mind;
    I am like a piece of pottery, destroyed.
Yes, I’ve heard all the gossiping,
    terror all around;
    so many gang up together against me,
        they plan to take my life!
But me? I trust you, Lord!
    I affirm, “You are my God.”
My future is in your hands.
    Don’t hand me over to my enemies,
    to all who are out to get me!
Shine your face on your servant;
    save me by your faithful love!


  • Can you remember a time you felt as desolate as the psalmist? Were you able to cry out to God?
  • Do you feel God’s presence more in times of joy or in times of despair?


  • What does the psalmist do when he feels deep sadness and loneliness?
  • All of God’s people feel depressed and sad sometimes. It’s okay to feel that way! Always remember that you can cry out to God, and God will be with you in your sadness.


Loving God, you are with us always, in joy and in grief, in hope and in sadness, in health and in pain. Sometimes we try so desperately to run away from negative emotions, but the psalmist shows us that you are there, even in the hard places. We put our faith in you always. Amen.