April 17, 2019

Betrayed by a Friend

April 17, 2019


John 13:21-32
This weekend’s reading: Matthew 28:1-10


Our scripture passage for today recounts how Jesus, greatly troubled in spirit, announces to the group of his closest friends that one of them will betray him. Can you imagine how Jesus must have felt? Out of the friends whom he had lived with, eaten with, laughed and cried with for three years, one was an imposter. He knew this man, Judas Iscariot, would soon collaborate with the authorities and bring about his torture and execution. And yet, Jesus shared this last meal with him. Jesus washed this unfaithful disciple’s feet just as he washed the feet of the other eleven. In spite of Judas’ self-centered sin, Jesus offered him the same opportunity to be in a relationship with him as he offered the others.

We see in this passage the grace that Jesus offers to each one of us. We may have betrayed Jesus by not loving God with our whole hearts, by not caring for our neighbors as we care for ourselves and our families. We may have betrayed Jesus by choosing our own wishes and desires over his will for our lives. But he still offers us love and acceptance, and the chance to turn around and live in a new way.


  • In what ways have you betrayed Jesus in your life?
  • How does knowing that he offers you love and acceptance change your heart?


  • Who is your best friend at school or church? What are ways you can show your friend that you’re glad he or she is your friend?


Lord, it’s so easy for us to betray you — by the things we do, and perhaps even more frequently, by the things we leave undone. Help us to remember that you offer grace and love to us to help us change our hearts and minds. We want to be faithful. We depend on your for the strength to do so. Amen.