April 18, 2019

Love is the Standard

April 18, 2019


John 13:1-17, 31-35
This weekend’s reading: Matthew 28:1-10


Maundy Thursday worship at Brentwood UMC has always been one of the most meaningful experiences of Holy Week for me. Remembering the last meal Jesus shared with his closest friends and how he demonstrated selfless love as he washed their feet, helps me comprehend the depth of love Jesus felt for them and feels for me. And then later in the service when the sanctuary is slowly and methodically stripped of the altar cloths, the candlesticks, the potted plants and even the Bible, I can imagine the depth of despair and pain the disciples felt as they watched their friend and teacher led away by the soldiers.

On this last night with his disciples, Jesus knew they needed a visual to help them learn the lesson of sacrificial love, so he stripped off his outer garments, tied a towel around his waist, and began the menial task usually performed by a slave of washing their dusty, dirty feet. “Having shown them what love looks like in practice, he announces that there will be only one standard for identifying a Christian, and it’s not purity, Bible knowledge or holiness; it’s love (John 15:9-17).” (The CEB Women’s Bible, copyright 2016)

Love is the standard.


  • If love is the standard for identifying a Christian, how easily are you identified?


  • Jesus shows us that we should love one another. How can you show love to your friends and family?


Jesus, you showed us by your life, death, and resurrection what love looks like. Help us to be like you — giving ourselves away for the sake of others. We thank you for the sacrifice you made so that we can be yours. Amen.