October 7, 2019

Come and See

October 11, 2019


Psalm 66:1-12
Jeremiah 27:1-22
2 Timothy 2:1-7
This weekend’s scripture:Proverbs 29:17


In the first chapter of John’s Gospel (v39), two men spot Jesus and ask him where he is going.  “Come and see”, Jesus replies.  And they become some of Jesus’ first disciples.

A few verses later (v46), one of those disciples, Nathanael goes to his brother Philip and tells him about Jesus of Nazareth.  Philip asks his brother, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”  “Come and see”, Nathanael replies. 

Later in chapter 4 (v29), Jesus meets a woman at a well and they have a conversation.  Following that time together she runs back to her friend and neighbors and co-workers and family and declares, “Come and see, I think the Messiah is here!”

When I was in high school, a group of ten of us met in a teacher room for a Bible study.  Within two years, there were over three hundred students meeting in the school theater.  What did we do? We just told our friends, “We’re just reading the bible and then talking about what we read, but something is happening in that room, won’t you come and see.”


  • How has God shown up in your life?


  • What’s one question you would like to ask Jesus?