October 15, 2019

The Multiplier Effect

October 15, 2019


Luke 10:1-2
This weekend’s scripture: Luke 10:1-12


Jesus sent his disciples in pairs to be in ministry together.
It was the first day of my college summer job. My team leader and I were installing an air conditioning unit in a new house. He said, “Let’s move this unit from here to over there.”  
I grabbed one side, and he grabbed the other. We lifted the AC unit and moved it to the new location.  
After setting it down, he looked at me with amazement. He asked, “Boy, how much can you lift?”  I said, “About 200 pounds.”  He looked confused, adding, “I can only lift about 200 pounds.”  I responded, “So?”  He explained, “That unit weighed 525 pounds.”
We had just experienced an example of the multiplier effect of teamwork:  The sum of what two people can accomplish together is far greater than the sum of what each of them can do alone.
In my early years of ministry, I thought I had to do things myself because I was the one paid to do ministry.  Eventually, I learned that I accomplished so much more when working with others. 
While no longer a pastor, this scripture challenges me to look for and work with colleagues.  We can do so much more together than we can do individually.


  1. How much easier is it to accomplish tasks when you work as a team?
  2. How much easier is it to grow in faith with a group of other people with you?
  3. What tasks are you currently trying to accomplish on your own that might have better results if you work with others?
  4. Who are some other people with whom you might want to grow in faith together?


  1. Discuss what tasks are so much easier when done as a family.
  2. Discuss who needs what help at the moment with specific tasks.
  3. Discuss how God’s presence enables you to handle your tasks better.


Most loving, gracious, Lord, you never intended us to live our lives alone.  You always intended us to live, work, and play together.  Lord, help us to be aware of the people with whom we might work. Help us to become aware of the people who need our help. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.