October 16, 2019

Lost and Found

October 16, 2019


Luke 10:1-2
This weekend’s scripture: Luke 10:1-12


I misplaced my cell phone this morning.  Eventually, I realized I left it sitting on the car hood, and it must have fallen off while driving to church.  I had a sinking sick feeling in my gut.  While driving home, I drove slowly searching the side of the road. After returning home, I walked a mile on Edmondson Pike searching for it.  I even walked on the edge of the very dangerous curves near Holt Road.  I was determined to find it.
Then it hit me.  Aren’t people of greater value than my phone?  Thoughts of the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin flooded my mind. 
Slowly it dawned on me that one reason Jesus sent his disciples into the world was to use us to find and be in ministry with the forgotten, the weak, the least, the last, and the lost.


  1. What things and activities in your life take priority over sharing your faith with other people?
  2. Reflect upon the question:  What if you might be the only person who can reach a specific person for Christ? 
  3. Realizing the last question, is there someone towards whom Christ might be nudging you to be Christ’s presence in her/his life?


  1. What are some things and activities that we value?
  2. Describe how we value our family members more than the things we have/don’t have.
  3. Discuss how we might help each other value Christ’s presence in our family.


Most loving, gracious, Lord, it is so easy for us to become focused on our dreams, things, fears, and failures more than you.  We can become so focused on our phones, our projects, and our wishes that we forget other people, even you.  Lord, help us to keep you in the center of our lives as we relate to other people. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.