December 6, 2019

What Kind of House?

December 6, 2019


Acts 7:44-53
Psalm 139:1-12
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 3:1-12


Home is where the heart is.  Isn’t that how the old saying goes?  
What kind of home are you living in?  Furthermore, the scripture says “’What kind of house will you build for me?’ says the Lord.”
We talk about our walks with Christ so often, but we may forget the most important aspect of that life with Christ—the people around us, who share our homes.  Our family. 
Are we building homes that honor Christ?  Are we keeping his commands?  Are we feeding his sheep?  Are we loving our neighbors?  
What kind house will we build for Christ?

Questions for the Field

  1. Does your home reflect the authority of Christ? If not, what would need to change for it to do so?

Family Field Talk

  1. How can I love my family better?

Prayer Guide

Lord, help us live the lives you’ve called us to live.  Help our homes be where you dwell, full of your peace, and a place which honors you. Amen.