December 7, 2019

No Need For a Sign

December 7, 2019


Matthew 12:38-42
Psalm 105:1-11
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 3:1-12


Why don’t we get it? Why do we always make excuses, or say things like “God, give me a sign?”  
Just as people back in Jesus’ day asked this question, so do we today.  I wonder why our faith is so lacking?
Today, our challenge is to actually put our faith in Christ. We must believe what he says.  We must keep his commandments.  We must love all without abandon.  
Are we really living out our faith?  Or are we constantly asking for a sign?  We have every sign we need.  We just need to actually follow them.  

Questions for the Field

  1. What can I do to better live out my faith?

Family Field Talk

  1. What can we do to love Jesus better?

Prayer Guide

Lord, we give it all to you.  We refuse to hold onto things so tightly you are unable to take control.  Make it be so in us.  Heal our brokenness.  May we always be all-in with you.  Help us stop asking for a sign and instead follow you wholeheartedly.  In your name we pray, Jesus.  Amen.