December 9, 2019


December 9, 2019


Matthew 11:2-15
Matthew 24:24-42
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 11:2-11


Sixteen more days until Christmas!  
Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Originally, Advent was preparation time for Jesus’ second coming.  Today, secular culture views Advent as a season to celebrate Christmas. Church culture tends to view Advent as a preparation journey to the manger, a time to get ready to celebrate Christ’s birth.  
The word advent means coming. John the Baptist preached for everyone to prepare the way for the Lord, the way for Christ’s coming. Advent is about Jesus coming to us, not us to Him.
In preparation for Christmas Day, we decorate, cook, and purchase gifts.  How do we prepare for Christ’s coming?
Clovis Chappell, Davis’ great uncle, told of visiting a small Caribbean island, which was immaculate.  He asked the groundskeeper, “May I meet this island’s owner?”  The groundskeeper said the owner was on a trip to Europe. Clovis remarked, “Well, you take care of this as if he is coming back soon.”  The groundskeeper replied, “We take care of this as if he was coming back any minute today.”  
Simply put, the way to prepare for Christmas and Jesus’ second coming is to live the first coming of Jesus, today.  

Questions for the Field

  1. How prepared are you for the second coming of Jesus?
  2. What might you do to prepare for his second coming as if he is coming today?

Family Field Talk

  1.  In what ways do you as a family prepare for guests coming to visit?
  2. How might we live today if Jesus were coming to visit us today?

Prayer Guide

Lord, Jesus Christ, you are here.  You are present with me at this moment.  What do you want me to do to prepare to celebrate your birth?  How do you want me to live differently knowing that you are here right now.  In your gracious name, I pray.  Amen.