December 10, 2019

Answer to Prayers

December 10, 2019


Matthew 11:2-6
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 11:2-11


Reader’s Digest article reported that a wife found a special birthday card for her husband.  The front said, “Sweetheart, you’re the answer to my prayers.” The inside was inscribed like this: “You’re not what I prayed for exactly, but apparently you are the answer.”(1)
John the Baptist prayed for the coming of the Messiah; yet, Jesus was not turning out exactly the way John expected the Messiah to be (verse 2-3).
Many have said, “This is not what I expected from college,” “This is not what I expected from my marriage,” “This is not what I expected from parenting,” “This is not what I expected from my job and career,” and “This is not what I expected from my relationship with God.” Like John, many say, “Jesus, this is not how I expected you to help me.”
While Jesus’ answers to John and the people’s prayers were not what they expected, he answered them perfectly. Jesus’ answers to our prayers usually are not what we expected; yet he has, and he will continue to help us move through our situations.
(1)From Barbara Bartocci, “The Unexpected Answer,” Reader’s Digest, 9/84, pp. 87-88

Questions for the Field

  1. What were some of your original expectations for school, employment, health, marriage, and life in general?
  2. How have your real-life experiences met those expectations?
    How have you experienced God’s answers to your dreams and wishes?
  3. How might God be answering your prayers right now, even though you may not see the answers yet?
  4. What are some of Jesus’ expectations for you?

Family Field Talk

  1. What were some of your expectations for your family through the previous years?
  2. What expectations turned out the way you hoped?
  3. What expectations did not turn out so well?
  4. What things exceeded your expectations?
  5. What are some of your expectations today?
  6. What are some of Jesus’ expectations for your family?

Prayer Guide

Lord, Jesus Christ, you are full of grace. Because of God’s grace, God created me. I pray that you help me grow into the gracious image and the gracious expectations God had in mind when God first thought of me.  I pray that you help me fulfill your gracious expectations for me today. In your gracious name, I pray.  Amen.