March 16, 2020

Love One Another

March 16, 2020


2 John


We are entering into (do we ever get out of) election season. You’re going to be tempted to post on social media. You’re going to be tempted to reply to posts on social media. You’re going to eat meals with family members who share different opinions than you. You’re going to hear about people in small towns who believe completely different things about this country then you do. You’re going to have every opportunity to be unkind, judgmental, and nasty to your fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, let alone those outside of the church.  

And yet, how does that old song go? “They will know we are Christians by our love…”

I remember in grad school, one of the things they taught us was that to listen to someone is to love them. What if this election season, instead of constant fighting and negativity, we just offered a listening ear to each other. We don’t have to agree on everything or even anything. But we can love by listening. We can show each person their intrinsic value by giving them the respect they deserve. People are not their ideas. Their ideas may be wrong. We may be wrong. But everyone is worthy of that love Christ gives us.  


Why is it easy to dehumanize those who believe differently than us?


Lord, may we see you in every single person we encounter, and love them accordingly.  Amen.