April 16, 2020

From Despair To Hope

April 16, 2020


Revelation 21:4-5


This week, we’re going to dive deeply into the beloved Prayer of St. Francis. The prayer invites us to look at the dark places in the world and in our own lives, while considering how we might be agents of God’s peace and healing. With all that is pressing in on us now, we hope that you use this time to find peace for your soul and become an instrument of God’s peace in the world. 

During this time, the rain is tough. It forces us even more inside than we already are. The rain feels almost oppressive. But I’ve been so encouraged by the signs of hope that people have created for their neighbors. With sidewalk chalk or window paint, families are creating rainbows. Rainbows remind us of the one God placed in the sky after the flood as a sign of promise and covenant and hope. We find our hope in the God who will never leave us. But I think it’s truly beautiful to find my neighbors being curators of hope as well.


  • How have you been challenged by the despair in numbers and stats and reports?
  • Where have you seen signs of hope in the midst of despair?


  • How can your family share hope in the world today? For a neighbor? A family member? A friend? A stranger?


Lord, where there is despair, may I sow hope. Help me be an extension of your hope for all who are hurting most. Open my eyes to see and inspire me with signs that stir up profound hope. Amen.