April 17, 2020

From Darkness To Light

April 17, 2020


Isaiah 58:9-10


This week, we’re going to dive deeply into the beloved Prayer of St. Francis. The prayer invites us to look at the dark places in the world and in our own lives, while considering how we might be agents of God’s peace and healing. With all that is pressing in on us now, we hope that you use this time to find peace for your soul and become an instrument of God’s peace in the world. 

While most of us are quarantined at home, it’s natural that our thoughts and worry and anxiety has turned overwhelmingly into ourselves. We think about our own needs, meals, supplies, mood, families, grief. More than ever, we need to fight against our own self-involved instincts. Remember the essential workers: the medical professionals, the caregivers, the grocery store workers, the first responders, the truck drivers, etc. Dr. Howard Olds used to say, “People wrapped up in themselves make mighty small packages.” How might you unwrap yourself and shine God’s light? I suspect it might make the darkness of your own worry lighten up just a bit.


  • Unwrap yourself: make a phone call, write a letter, order a delivery for someone else. Find a way to bless someone who has been named essential. Send light their way so the darkness may not overwhelm them.


  • How can your family share light in the world today? For a neighbor? A family member? A friend? A stranger?


Lord where there is darkness, may I bring light. You are the true light that enlightens every person who comes into this world. Enable me through inspired words, consoling gestures, and a warm heart to dissipate human darkness so that your light may show us the way and bring joy to life. Amen.