August 10, 2020

Praying or Talking

August 10, 2020


Exodus 33:11 – Thus, the Lord used to speak to Moses, face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. 


I dislike the word prayer!

While prayer is simply communicating with God, most of us use it as a ritual, a thing to do. Some shoot flares of prayers when in distress, hoping for a “yes-answer.” Others view prayer as something to do before a meeting, before getting onto the “real stuff,” a Harry Potter-type potion, and an obligation to do so God will respond with love. Many hate praying in a group.

Yet, prayer is simply talking with God. Just as we don’t “say a talk” to our spouse, we don’t “say a prayer” to God. We communicate, talking with our spouse and with God. 

Just as we don’t “say a talk” to get a spouse or child to do something (well, some might), we don’t “say a prayer” to God to get an answer. Instead, we talk through issues with family. Likewise, prayer is simply communion with and talking through issues with God. 

Through talking with people, we get to know them better, and we grow closer with them. We do the same by talking with God.

Suggestion: Today, instead of “saying a prayer,” try talking with God like God and Moses, “face to face, as a friend speaks with a friend.”


  • Instead of saying a prayer, how about praying, talking with God about what’s on your mind?
  • Instead of saying the Lord’s Prayer, pray it right now.
  • At mealtime, instead of saying a blessing, how about praying a blessing, talking with God, thanking God for the blessings God provided.
  • Instead of reading the prayer below, try talking with God as a friend to a friend.


  • How do you know when someone is listening to you?
  • How do you know when someone is genuinely talking with you and not to you?
  • Discuss what it would be like to talk with God, face to face.
  • Instead of reading the prayer below, try talking with God as a friend to a friend.


Jesus, thank you for being here, ready to talk with me. Thank you for all of the blessings you give me. (List three). I confess that there are times I mess up, hurt others, hurt myself, and sin. (List three). I know you are gracious and forgiving. Thank you for your forgiveness, and I ask for your help to do better with these people and issues in my life. I ask for your help with the following issues. (List all that you wish.) While I do not know how you will answer my requests, I know you will. I ask that you help me seek your answers, not mine. May your love and grace flow in and through me throughout this day. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.