August 11, 2020

Led by the Spirit

August 11, 2020


Luke 4:1-2 – Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil.


The Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. 

I believe that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, attempts to lead us, daily. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to write this devotion, and I believe the Holy Spirit led you to read it. I prayed intently, seeking Christ’s guidance as to what to write. As you read this Field Guide devotion today, August 11, please know that I prayed for you this morning during my devotional time.

And what am I praying? I’m praying for Christ to lead all of us through the Holy Spirit. Why? 

It’s more important for the Holy Spirit to lead us than to be led by anyone or anything else, especially temptations. Following Christ through the Holy Spirit helps us discern our relationships, how we communicate, how we act, and how we handle temptations throughout our day.

May you follow Christ’s guidance through the Holy Spirit in the nitty-gritty of today!


  • After giving praise and thanks to God, look at today’s agenda, listing all that you have scheduled.
  • As you look at each one, pray for Jesus’s guidance to do God’s will.


Play the game, “Trust Walk.” Your family plays it by putting a blindfold on one person, with another leading the one blind-folded through the house. Afterward, change positions and do the same. 

  • Discuss how it feels to be the leader and follower.
  • Discuss how the leader needs to care for and protect the follower.
  • Discuss how the blind-folded person has to trust the leader.
  • Discuss how this relates to the Holy Spirit’s leading us in prayer.


Lord Jesus, thank you for leading me to this time with you. Again, I lift up the blessings you provide me today. (List three or more.) Holy God, please help me with these concerns. (List those concerns on your heart that the Holy Spirit brings to mind.) While I do not know how you will answer my requests, I know you will. I ask that you help me seek your answers, not mine. May your Holy Spirit surround me such that your love and grace flow in and through me. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.