August 12, 2020

Quick Fixes?

August 12, 2020


Luke 4:1-13 (Jesus faced three temptations in the wilderness.)


Wanna a quick fix?

We want instant cures to Covid-19, the end of all discrimination, the end to our political divisions, the return to a healthy economy, and solutions to our particular problems, aches, and pains. 

The main prayer request is, “Lord, please fix this situation NOW.”

While our longings for solutions are real, the devil can tempt us to focus on the quick fixes during our prayer time, instead of a genuine conversation with God, seeking God’s answer.

Jesus faced the same quick fix temptations during his wilderness experience: 

1. The convenient – Jesus, feed everyone now by conveniently turning stones into bread. 
2. The expedient – Jesus, bow down to me, and I’ll expedite everyone’s following you without a fight.
3. The immediate – Jesus, jump off the temple, immediately wowing the people to follow you.

Notice the problem? Any temptation to focus on any quick-fix will shift our focus from God to the quick fix. Prayer is a dialogue with God with a focus on talking with God, not the quick fixes we want.

While it is perfectly okay to present God your thoughts and ideas, Jesus’ anecdote to these three temptations are: 

1. Let the Bread of Life nourish you.
2. Worship and only serve God.
3. Don’t tempt God.


  • After giving praise and thanks to God, list your prayer concerns.
  • While praying, consider, “Am I seeking God’s answer, someone else’s answer, or the answer I want?”
  • While praying, also consider, “Am I seeking a quick fix or God’s long-term answer that is best for everyone?”


  • Find something in your house that needs fixing. 
  • Discuss the end-result of a simple “quick fix” versus “a real solution.”


  • Discuss throwing all of the toys and clothes under the bed versus putting everything in their proper places.
  • Discuss how God wants to answer prayer requests with long-lasting results, not quick fixes.


Lord Jesus, thank you for leading me to this time with you. Again, I lift up the blessings you provide me today. (List three or more.) Holy God, please help me with these concerns. (List those concerns on your heart that the Holy Spirit brings to mind.) While I do not know how you will answer my requests, I know you will. Yes, I want some quick fixes, but I know you usually have a better long-term solution. Help me grow in patience while waiting for that solution. I ask that you help me seek your answers, not mine. May your Holy Spirit surround me such that your love and grace flow in and through me. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.