September 17, 2020

Relentless Blessing

September 17, 2020


Psalm 66:8-20

Genesis 6:5-22


The story of Noah’s ark is among the most well-known of all Bible stories. It figures prominently in Western historical imagination and even in our own popular culture. Think of all the children’s picture books and toys that tell the story of the animals going on the huge boat, two by two, giraffes and elephants and pigs and cows and chickens. It’s whimsical and appealing when illustrated for children.

The story, however, is much more than a cute child’s fable. It’s a story of evil and good, corruption and righteousness, God’s judgement and God’s grace. Early into humanity’s history, human beings had already devolved into violence and God already needed a way to fix the situation. Our reading says that God was sorry that he made them (v. 8). But it also tells us that God was willing to make a covenant with one righteous man and his family in order to keep the human race and creation alive (vv. 18-20). 

God’s greatest desire is to bless his creation — even when his creatures mess it up. As you go through your day today, look for evidence of God’s relentless desire to bless humanity, and give thanks for his grace.


  • Does the story of Noah’s Ark seem more like a story of judgment or more like a story of grace? Why?
  • What evidence do you see in our world that God is actively involved in trying to bring good out of evil?


  • Do you know the story of Noah’s ark? If not, ask a grown-up to tell it to you or show you a story book.
  • God took care of Noah and his family during the big flood. What are some ways God takes care of your family?


Creator God, thank you for your relentless desire to bless your creation. Help us to be partners with you in protecting and preserving the variety of life upon our earth. Help us to choose righteousness and relationship with you in the midst of violence and evil. Amen.