October 9, 2020

Free of Grumbling & Complaining

October 9, 2020


Philippians 2:14-18


“Paul does not pretend that working out the implications of the gospel into a lifestyle of practical humility is easy. But it is necessary. When we apply the gospel to ourselves with the radical humility of Christ, we stand out in the world as lights for Christ. The application of the gospel is tremendously difficult work. It requires working out our salvation “with fear and trembling,” all while trusting God to do the work of the gospel in us. Meanwhile, we live with a luminous joy, free of grumbling and complaining. 

As followers of Christ, we cannot expect our path to be one of ease. Salvation by grace is totally free, but that does not mean there is no personal cost. God is at work but there is strenuous work for us to do as well. And yet the strain of living for Christ cannot eclipse our joy. Jesus’ sacrifice was done in joy, without complaining, and we likewise are welcomed in the glad service of Christ and others. The gospel that calls us to sacrifice also calls us to rejoice. What a gospel this is! Reflecting on God’s grace to us, the very “children of God,” our hearts are softened once more.” 

from The Gospel Transformation Bible (ESV)


  • How are you trusting God to do the work of the Gospel within you? 
  • What “strenuous work” has God called you to do?
  • What sacrifices is God calling you to make?


  • When is it easy to grumble and complain? 
  • How can you change complaining into rejoicing?  


God, we rejoice in what you have done through us through Jesus Christ. Help us to lead joyful lives that display your gospel to others. Help us to shine like stars across the generations.