March 1, 2021

God’s Goodness

March 1, 2021

By Matthew Clements, Age 11

Two years ago when we first were matched with my sister, Bomi, in South Korea, we knew as a family that we would change. I really didn’t understand how different it would be, though. I thought adoption would be easy because my understanding was that we would just go to Korea, take custody, and fly back home. When she first came home, it hit me. My life was going to be turned upside down. When she woke up and was ready to play, I understood what a bundle of joy she was. Then I realized that this was a blessing from God. 

I know that most people don’t have experience with adoption. Getting to learn about a new country, new food, and a different community from ours has made me more aware of other cultures. I think it’s good to learn about people who are different than you are.  My mom told me that she and my dad felt a calling to adopt, and I believe them. God was guiding them to obey Him. We prayed that my sister would transition well, that she would be healthy, that she would understand English quickly, and that she would be well cared for by her foster family. 

Our experience with adoption really showed God’s power and what He is capable of. Bomi´s abilities were tenfold beyond what we had expected and prayed about. We learned that her foster family was even taking her to church, which was encouraging. It hasn’t all been easy, but our time as a family of five has been sweeter than I expected it would be.  Looking back on the past two years, I feel more confident in God’s abilities, and I believe in His goodness.