April 9, 2021

God Is with Us

April 9, 2021


Psalm 16


Praise God that we have a caring and faithful God!  If you are experiencing a period of darkness in your life or if you simply find yourself overwhelmed and tired day after day, these readings today are for you.  God is our “refuge” and “delight” cries the Psalmist.  God counsels us and is always at our right hand.  Our God walks with us each and every day.  He shows us the path of life.  He is a fully present God!  Amen!

How great is it to know that we serve a mighty and faithful God that is with us in every moment of every day.  Even when we forget about God or our callings as Christians, even when we find ourselves so deep in the muck of life that we feel like we are stuck, God is with us.  Not only is He with us, God is bringing us hope for something better.  He is bringing us hope that the darkness too shall pass.  Paul says that he feels “unfit to be called an apostle” because of his previous sins. But in the Risen Christ, there is grace and forgiveness.  In God, we find rest and light in life’s darkest storms.  What a beautiful Gospel we share today!


God of hope and grace, whatever burdens cloud our minds and hearts, we give them to you this day.  May the places where we feel overwhelmed and weary be filled with your peace and presence and may we share your peace and presence with those around us. Let us know we are worthy to be your apostles as we embrace you as our refuge and give thanks! Amen.


  • What anxieties and burdens are most consuming for you?  How can you turn those over to God?
  • Do you feel worthy of God’s love?  If not, why not?  Know that you are loved!


  • How do you feel God’s presence in your life?