April 10, 2021

Exclaiming Christ’s Gospel

April 10, 2021


John 20:11-20


What a beautiful way to close out the week after Easter.  We see the transformation of Mary in just a few verses in today’s reading from John.  Mary goes from: mourning at Jesus’ graveside, to realizing he is still alive, to running to tell others of his resurrection.

We often find ourselves in the same place as Mary.  Something has us down and we feel alone and maybe even afraid. Then Christ meets us in our darkness and we are awakened to His glorious presence and grace.  What really impacts me is Jesus’ command to Mary.  She exclaims “Rabbouni!” (“Teacher!”)  after she realizes that Jesus has risen.  Can’t you imagine the excitement and joy in her voice!  Then, Jesus commands her to go and tell the others that Jesus the Christ is risen and will one day ascend to God the Father.  We have that same hope in Jesus Christ.  One day, we too will ascend to be with God in full.  Until that day we are commanded to exclaim with pure joy that we worship a Risen Christ, a Christ who walked with us and overcame death so that we might experience true peace and joy even here on earth.


Loving and gracious God, give us hearts of praise and joy today!  Give us bold words to exclaim your Gospel in word and deed.  May we be as excited as Mary and run like her to share that Christ has Risen and conquered death!


  • What stops me from sharing my faith with others?
  • What are some ways I can share my faith in word and in deed?


  • What are some ways you can share your faith with your friends and people you meet?