August 26, 2021

Do Not Be Surprised


1 John 3:11-16


Michael Gungor, a Christian musician and author, recently made a statement on social media that was relevant to today’s passage.  He said: 

“Love is the narrow path…demonizing the other and loving your own is the easy and natural thing to do.  The broad path that leads to destruction.”

A provocative statement for sure, and yet, look at our passage today.  John implores us to love one another, and to not be surprised if the world hates us because of this love.  

And so, we must love one another.  Let us not be filled with hate.  More so, let us not be filled with fear of the other, which leads to hate.  May our love be deep and wide, so that we may, ironically, cling to the narrow path Jesus calls us to.  


  • Why do we fear those who are different?


Lord, soften our hearts.  Help us submit to you.  Guard us from our own sense of self-worth, knowing our worth comes from you and who you created us to be and not from what we do, or what we gain here in our time on earth.  May our love be fearless.  May our love be all encompassing.  Amen.