October 25, 2021



John 15:15: “I call you friend!” (Jesus speaking)


Dr. Frankenstein sewed body parts into a monster we call “Frankenstein.” Eventually, the monster escapes into the woods. He follows soothing music to a blind man’s hut. Instead of seeing a monster, the blind man sees a kind heart, invites the monster inside, and calls him “Friend.” The blind man feeds the monster, provides a place for him to sleep, and teaches him a few things. This blind man thanks God for a friend who can help him see, and in return, he can be a voice for his friend. 

Sometimes, we may feel “patched together” from various teachings and pulls from family, schoolmates, friends, teammates, work colleagues, church members, many of which compete with the other. We secretly know the ugly parts—sins, mistakes, errors, ugliness—some of which make us feel unloveable like Frankenstein’s monster.

Yet, we have a friend, Jesus. While aware of the ugly, he values, feeds, teaches, and heals the real you and me. 

In the Frankenstein movie, while running from the mob of townspeople, the monster ran through the woods, seeking and calling, “Friend! Friend! Friend!” 

When you see monsters this Halloween (Sunday) or when you feel like a monster, call to Jesus, “Friend!”


  • Have you had various pressures that made you feel that you were becoming something you weren’t? 
  • Are there people who want you to be something that you are not?
  • What happens to your heart when you see the hurting heart of a difficult person?
  • Have you befriended difficult people?
  • Have you heard Jesus call you, “Friend?”
  • Do you seek Jesus, your friend, when you need someone?


  • Who are some difficult people in your lives?
  • When have each of us been difficult in our relationship?
  • Has there been a time in which you felt like a monster to your family, schoolmates, or work colleagues?
  • How has Jesus helped you be a friend to difficult people, family members, and yourself?


Dear most loving, gracious Lord and source of all life, we praise and thank you for our lives.  Sometimes, we allow people to pressure us into becoming people we are not. Yet, you know our heart and call us “friend!” Lord, please help me become the person you created me to be. Instead of seeing a difficult person (or a monster), help me grow such that people see you through me and call you “Friend!” In your gracious name, I ask. Amen.