November 5, 2021

Work of God


Psalm 127


We know that it is important to work hard and do our best, but as Psalm 127 explains, if the work that we do is not of God, then it is in vain. 

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the guards stand watch in vain.
In vain you rise early
    and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
    for he grants sleep to those he loves.

This Scripture speaks to the power of God, nothing will happen without God’s will, but it also speaks of the need to work with God. In other words, our works should complement the work of God and we should not try to accomplish even the most admirable goal if it is not of God. Even Christ acknowledges that all work must be of God when he prays “yet not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). 

How then do we do the work of God? In John 6:28 when Christ is asked “What must we do to do the works God requires?” He answers “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent” (John 6:29). So as followers of Christ, we must believe and this belief will transform us to serve as agents of God’s work. 


  • As you go about your week, ask yourself if your work is of God. Do you work as an instrument of God or by your own accord? 


  • What does it mean to work with God? What could God be calling you to do today?


God, please use my hands as if they were your own. Use me as an instrument of your works and guide my actions so that they complement the work that you are doing in the world. Amen.