March 24, 2022



Luke 13:1-9 

With this specific text, it is easier to connect to it when you read it through a giving-of-time lens. In the text, there is a parable about the fig tree. As I read, I put myself in the place and shoes of the fig tree. The fig tree gets cleared around the bottom edges, so that it can absorb the nutrients that are spread around it. To think about the season we are in right now, with the resurrection of Christ coming and the coronavirus pandemic still occurring, it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. In this story, Jesus wants us to dig around us so that we can realize that all the nourishment and fulfillment that we would need comes from him. He never stops giving it to us, but the results of that nourishment given to us might not be instantaneous. When we allow space for this nourishment to get put around us, we are able to be completely filled and ready to spread the word of Christ.  


As we prepare for the resurrection of Christ, let us prepare ourselves for a rejuvenation of ourselves. Take some time today to reflect on the ways God continues to give to us. What are some areas in your life that could use some nourishment and rejuvenation?