March 25, 2022



Luke 13:1-9 

I resonate with the man that wants to cut down the tree and avoid the wasted space in the ground. We likely all can in moments, but I think for me it is because I often feel like I am the tree. I have opportunity after opportunity to produce fruit, yet I become frustrated with my own lack of production. Have you ever tried to do something – a skill, a discipline, or a practice – that you just kept failing? I sometimes see myself in my toddler daughter as she begins to learn a new skill. She tries and tries and tries until I eventually see a cup and lid fly across the kitchen in frustration, because she cannot figure out how they work together. In this passage I see the frustration of failure after failure overshadowed by the soft voice of a savior saying, “repent and come on home,” “give it one more try because I won’t stop believing in you.” What does it say about our faith in God, what does it teach others about our faith, when we are willing to keep trying, keep going, and give it another go relying on the faithful arms of the God most high?   


What practice or discipline have you struggled with starting or keeping diligent in your life? Take time to write it down, then find a person to share with and talk through a game plan. Document your journey so that one day it will be a witness to God in your journey.