March 26, 2022



Luke 13:1-9 

What Jesus reminds us of time and time again in the scriptures is that we must care and tend to our souls. Just as gardens need to be tilled, soiled, and cared for, so do we as human beings. Just as our bodies were made to eat, drink, exercise, and play… they were also made for rest. In 1974, halfway through the 84-day mission aboard the Skylab space station, Colonel William Pogue requested a day for his crew to rest. They were overworked, exhausted, and couldn’t even enjoy the fact they were in space. NASA refused the request and subsequently the crew went on strike and took a Sabbath. To this day, NASA now schedules rest days for all space travel. God’s rhythm, design, and desire for our spiritual beings was to find rest. Interestingly, the only thing God deems as “qadosh” or “Holy” after the six days of creation is the day of rest. It is our job to find the time and sit in the stillness of God, there we will be tended to and cared for. In this place we bear fruits of the spirit and find fulfillment in our lives.  


In closing our third week of Lent, our focus for today is taking time to reclaim Sabbath. Rest means stopping our ordinary work and ceasing. Just as healthy soil needs periodic rest from planting to rebuild its nutrients, we do too. Today give yourself space for unstructured time. Take time today to ponder, reflect, and imagine. This can be giving your attention to some of your passions or thinking of creative ideas. Turn your mind to God, pay attention to the gift of each moment. (Soul Feast, page 77)