May 13, 2022

For the Love of God


1 John 5:1-5

Psalm 112:1-9

I know that obeying God’s commandments helps to put me in ‘right’ relationship with him; but I had not thought specifically about how those commandments are meant to bring me into ‘right’ relationship with ‘my neighbor’.  What I do matters to those around me. 

‘Right’ relationship means to be in alignment with God and God’s desires for the human community.  The model he has given us is clearest in the life and teachings of Jesus.   As we come to know Jesus, to read stories of his interactions with his disciples, with people whose lives were compromised by sin; with rich and poor alike; we begin to see that daily happenings are very places of faith and obedience. And the world is overcome with one obedient and loving act at a time.


  • Using the ‘love test’ of verse 1 [to love God is to show love for his children], how are you living out of your love for God?
  • Thinking about verses 2 and 3 [to love others means to obey God’s commandments], how are loving others?
  • What has convinced you that ‘true life’ can be found in Jesus?  


  • Imagine the ‘victory’ of God’s love in the world.  Take it down a notch to love in our community…or even better, love through faith in Christ in your home. For one day be completely obedient to God’s desire for loving relationships for all people. 
  • Commit to doing no harm in words or actions for one week.


Holy Jesus, help me to be a model of your teaching today. Give me a listening heart; a heart that is seeking to love in the way of your heart. Amen.


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