July 31, 2018


July 31, 2018


2 Samuel 11:22-27
This weekend’s reading: Matthew 6:25-33


David is often lauded as one of God’s greatest followers in the Old Testament, but his life is not without major mistakes.  In the passage in 2 Samuel today, David is responsible for trying to cover up an affair by having one of his own soldiers killed in the line of duty.  Not exactly what you’d expect from a revered, faith-filled person.  I’ve often struggled with this story.  I don’t think readers can just dismiss David’s faults.  Some will blame Bathsheba for everything, which I think is a very skewed perspective as she doesn’t seem to have much choice in the matter.  But ultimately, I walk away with this- there will be blunders in life, small blunders, and huge ones.  As much as we want to cover them up or ignore them, God doesn’t write our mistakes out of our stories.  They make us a part of who we are.  But they are also just a part of who we are.  Our mistakes, as trivial or massive as they are, do not fully define us.  As Christians, we are instead defined by Christ’s grace, that Christ forgives us and makes us new each and every day.


  • What mistakes do you allow to rule over your life? 
  • Can you give them to God and feel Christ’s forgiveness?

Lord, help me to discern when I have failed and help me to know your ultimate forgiveness.  Though your forgiveness does not give me license to do whatever I want, let me know that you still love and cherish me even when I fail.