March 26, 2019

Overcoming Division

March 26, 2019


John 7:37-43
This weekend’s reading: Mark 15:33-41


Jesus stood up and shouted! In his shouting, he promised to give the Holy Spirit to all who believed. And wrapped up in that promise was the claim to be the Messiah. The response from the crowd was mixed. While some could boldly claim that he was, indeed, the Christ, others simply could not. Because he didn’t look precisely as they expected, it couldn’t possibly be true. People were divided over Jesus.

And how true is this still today? People are divided. Even with Jesus the Christ standing and shouting before them, many were uncertain. So it is no surprise that division exists still today. In the world, in Christianity, between denominations, within churches, and even in families there is division. Division about who Jesus is and the good news he preached through miracle and parable and and disobedience, and affirmation. It is okay that we don’t agree, but our disagreement should not create irreconcilable division.

In our practice of faith, we should long to understand God but not to explain God away. We should pursue intimacy with the Holy Spirit, but not disparage someone else along the way. Our faith should draw us together. Not apart.

Today, just be challenged by the standing, shouting Jesus, inviting all of us to come to him and receive his Spirit.


  • Where do you see division in your community?
  • How do you see people divided about who Christ is?
  • What can you do that might contribute to healing divisions?


  • What can you think of that people disagree about a lot?
  • Where do you see people disagreeing so much that they fight with each other?
  • What could you do to help?


Jesus, there is so much disagreement about who you are – about what you have done, about your role in the world, about what you are capable of. But I see you standing and I hear you shouting, assuring me that I can come to you to be filled up with the Spirit. I want to stand among the crowd saying, “He’s the Christ.” Lead me to assurance. And help me find peace where there is division over you. Amen.