Guiding Others

What does Guiding Others mean?

Guiding Others is the fifth step in the discipleship path. The resources on this page are for those who are seeking to use their own spiritual gifts, personal talents, and skills to share their faith with others and be a leader of faith in the church and world. On this page you will find suggested practices to help guide you on this point in your journey, questions to consider, and recommended readings to dig a little deeper into your faith. Scroll down to see view the resources.

Guiding Others

Suggested Practices

  • Think of ways that you can serve at BUMC. How can your gifts be of service to the Church community (i.e. volunteer to lead a class or study at BUMC or volunteer to serve Holy Communion)?
  • Read 1 John chapter 4. Think of ways that this text can help you in the process of discernment and decision making in your life. How can you grow in love for God and neighbor through your everyday life choices and service?
  • What is the difference between self-righteous service and true service?
  • Are you comfortable with extended periods of silence? Can you think of healthy ways to maintain silence both individually and with other people?
  • Use a devotional and scripture to add structure to your prayer life
  • Practice praying out loud in a group setting
  • Be deliberate about incorporating quiet time into your schedule. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, but the essential part is to pause and engage in undistracted prayer with God. Journaling, reading the Bible and a devotional are helpful guides in your pursuit of quiet time

Recommended Readings

We've compiled a list of optional readings to help guide you on this part of your journey. Rather than an exhaustive list, these readings are designed to be resources that might be helpful to consider at this stage in The Journey. Check out these optional readings to dig a little deeper in your faith by clicking the button below.

Questions to Consider

Take a moment to reflect on these questions
and read the corresponding scripture.

*Note: Some of these questions were adapted from The Faith-Sharing New Testament With the Psalms (1996), prepared by H. Eddie Fox and George E. Morris.

Classes and Other Opportunities

Here are some other opportunities for those guiding others:

Not the right step?

If you don't think this is the right step or are wondering where you might be on the discipleship path, take our discipleship assessment to find out where you may be on The Journey.